Factors That Separate a Luxury from a Standard Apartment

luxury apartment

If you are looking for a place to stay, you will never run out of options. You can choose from condominium units, apartments, detached homes and many other types of housing units. But when it comes to luxury apartments, things can be a little difficult. They may not be all over the place like other housing types. Therefore, you also have to choose very cautiously as renting or buying one can mean a lot of money.

Besides the cost, luxury apartments are different from standard apartments and other housing types in the following aspects.

Prime Locations

One factor that contributes to the high costs of luxury apartments is their location. Usually, luxury apartments are built on expensive locations. SA PUNTASSA RESIDENCES, for example, is a luxury apartment located in Mallorca which is a famous destination in Spain. The beautiful island has an airport and many natural wonders, structures and activities that tourist from all over the world enjoy.

Luxury apartments in cities may be located near the central business district. However, if they are in  suburbs, they have the most majestic views and have a select community of affluent personalities.

Beautiful Architectural Design

You will not only live in an environment with the best landscape and views, but you will also reside in a building with a perfect architectural design inside out. This means that individual apartment units have excellent and functional layouts that promote comfortable living. In contrast, standard apartments and condo units have the usual box-type layout.

Use of Advanced Technology

The most advanced home technologies are infused in luxury apartments to enhance the quality of residents. Other aspects where technology is used communication and transport system within the location. Does it have a stable internet? Is the elevator high-performing? What are entertainment options aside from enjoying what nature has to offer? All of these are common sights in luxury apartments.

Leisure Spaces

A luxury apartment may look like a resort with all the possible leisure options for its residents. They also have spas, gyms, pools, shopping arcades, parks, children’s play area, and many more. The options can really be overwhelming. More importantly, all features in a luxury apartment and its environments are always updated basing from growing and changing needs of its residents.

Specialized Services

A luxury apartment should have basic and specialized services for their residents. In some of the best luxury apartments, they include concierge services. Moreover, it may also cover laundry, housekeeping, and babysitting, among others. This is to add to the free use of the amenities.

Latest Technology That Makes Use of an Air Con Effective

Air conditioner

Cooling the house in the hot weather is a need for many homes. Your air conditioner being one great investment in the house also consumes energy and adds to the power bill of your home. Reducing the consumption and the heat it generates to the environment is a concern of many governments and house owners as well.

Many companies are not only in repairs, but also developing new technologies to fix this problem. So, which is the latest technology in air conditioners that are adding to their effectiveness?

Movement sensors

ACAir con engineers have come up with such device that works only when it senses motion of people in the room. The system uses hanging rods which detect movement and this activates the air conditioner to work.

Once people leave the room it switches off automatically. This is very economical as energy is only used when you are present in the room, and if you don’t need it, switching it off is a handy option.

Ice cooling

Commercial buildings are well taken care of by this technology. The ice powered AC system cooling mechanism cools water in a tank overnight. The formed ice water serves to cool the building for six hours of daytime after which the main air con system takes over.

This technology cuts down on the use of electricity by using fewer units of electricity for cooling the water than air conditioners could use it at the same time. The technology is yet to be fixed for home use.

Super reflective surface

This functions like solar water panels, but instead of absorbing heat into the fluid, it repels it so that the system can cool the room. Reflective Panels are integrated into the existing air conditioning system, which allows more heat to be released than it can be absorbed, even during sunny days.

Water or glycol flows in the conventional unit taking the normal refrigerant heat into it. It flows to the upper refractive panels and releases the heat into the air. The refractive panels repel solar energy and then helps to stop the heating of the incoming fluid as it loses heat and goes back into the system.

Sensor vents

Air con OUT DOORThis new technology replaces the vents in the ceiling, door and walls of a home. It uses sensors that monitor the temperature, indoor air quality and air pressure of the home. It can be controlled from a smartphone through its vent application, which can read the specific temperature of each room.

The vent sensors trigger the main Air con to regulate the temperature of each room as per the need. They also trigger the conditioner to stop when the right temperature and air quality and pressure have been achieved.


Greater inventions are coming up every day. Some inventions of electricity generating air cons are being tried out for the market already, which help add to the house grid and reduce the bill. The future may also see 3D air conditioners able to pull out humidity from a specific area of the room.