How to Pick Top Food Processor Based On Their Review

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Food processors make your life in the kitchen easy, no matter whether you are a seasoned chef, occasional cook for entertainment groups, or a homemaker. There are food processing machines doing almost all the work for you. Dough kneading machine, onion peeler, coconut grater, carrot dicer and what not. How will you purchase a food processor for your home? What are the things we need to consider before selecting a
processor? Here are some key factors :

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Decide the purpose, frequency and size of the processor

Food processors are coming with 3-4 liter bowls, 6-7 liter bowls and max up to 20-liter bowls. Before deciding to purchase a particular size, evaluate your needs for the process. How often do you use it? If you are using in rarely, then you may need to store it in a kitchen cabinet. The size matters then. If you are using it regularly or multiple times a day, you can keep it on the kitchen counter permanently.

How many people do you cook for? If you cook for a small family of 2-3 members, you can use a 3-4 liter bowl and if you cook for an average family of 5-6 members, use a 7-liter bowl. But if you cook for parties or get together groups frequently go for a 20-liter bowl. Normally, larger capacity processors come with bowls of smaller sizes too. Such processors will be a good choice for all the occasions. You will be dealing with the same processor; just change the
bowls on a need basis!


Features available in the processor

Some processors come with many feeding funnels of different sizes. In one, you can dice the carrot, and in another one, you can slice the onion. These tubes of different sizes allow you to feed vegetables of different size without making them into smaller pieces.

Food processors have three settings. High, Low and Pulse mode. The pulse mode gives you control over the contents you are processing.
When the High and low modes are set on, you are not able to control the flow.

The next feature to consider is the type and quality of the blades. How many interchangeable blades are coming and what are all the functions that can be done? For ex. there are different blades for dicing, grating and chopping. Always go for high-quality stainless steel blades only. Also, select blades which can slice or dice at different thickness or size. Most of the processors come with additional attachments, like dough kneader and coconut grater etc.

Warranty, service and availability of spare parts for the product

Most important factors to consider are the manufacturer warranty and service quality. Check whether service centers are nearby and accessible. Availability of spare parts is also another point to be noted. For some imported models, parts may not be available. Also, check for the turnaround time for service calls and charges for site visits.

Safety and style

Food processors come in a variety of trendy designs and fancy colors. They are a style addition to your kitchen. Also,
check for the security features. If the processor is overloaded, there should be a cutoff. If the bowl is

colorful blender productsnot attached, the motor shouldn’t work. Most processors have this feature. Also look for a nonslip and stable base.



Based on the above feature, your budget selects the best food processor of your choice. Select the brand which provides more features, quality, service and warranty. It’s also good to view top food processor review
for your consideration in choosing one. Enjoy cooking!