What You Need To Know When Dealing With a General Contractor

Home renovation is one of the biggest investments both financially and emotionally. It is the responsibility of the general contractor to hire the tradesman, purchase the construction materials, create schedules, bring the sub-contractors and ensure that the project goes on well as estimated. It is important to work well with the hired general contractor for your project to be completed on budget and time. The following are some of the useful tips which would enable to get the best out of the hired contractor.

Avoid allowances

Allowances are budgetary elements which are identified separately in the contract’s estimates. They should always be accounted for before the contract is finalized. For instance, you should include all the accessories for the brand-new baths. In such case, the contractor will have to include an allowance number instead of stating the actual price. The estimated budget might end up being lower than what will be spent in future because such products have different prices. It is therefore important for the homebuilder to go through all the given material selections before the bid is made by the contractor.

Speaking freely with the contractor

This will involve establishing a regular communication with your contractor. You can either decide to be meeting with him or her on a daily basis in the morning or after work or contacting him through calls or texts. A good contractor will always be comfortable to ask questions or voice concerns without reservation.

Make sure that everything has been put down in writing

A project journal can help you in recording the important things concerning your project. This is the best way of avoiding issues in the future. When recording the work progress, it is important to note the delivery dates and the order numbers. Any new ideas should also be written down and any other important thing that you might be interested in asking the contractor.

Inspecting the work area

Everyone should be very proactive by checking the contractor’s work regularly. This will also help you in verifying if the materials brought are matching the ones in the record. The location of the doors and windows should also be checked to make sure that they do not have quality issues. You are advised to consult your contractor for clarification whenever you have doubts.

Avoid paying for incomplete works

Establishing the best series of payment is important. The last payment is paid once the work is complete and satisfactory. You are advised to avoid paying the total amount before the work is complete.